Don't Listen to Sports. Watch them LIVE.
Indiana Sports Network.net
a division of Wabash Valley Sports

Indiana Sports Network is web-tv for 80-85 high school and college sports
events throughout southwestern Indiana. We cover games from Anderson
to Indianapolis and Seymour west to Terre Haute and Evansville.

Indiana Sports Network provides "LIVE" video coverage of baseball, softball,
basketball, football, soccer  and volleyball.

Live video coverage of AWAY games provides "the experience of being there"
when fans and family can not.  Indiana Sports Network provides the sights,
sounds, the excitement and the play-by-play on all media (phones, tablets,
computers and smart TVs).

Our four (4) camera coverage of Rose-Hulman sports is primarily home games.
Rose-Hulman athletes are from more than twenty-five (25) states and our "free"
live video allows parents the opportunity to watch their athlete perform.

Indiana Sports Network video signal is worldwide and is reflected in texts and
e-mails we have received from most of the states here in the U.S. but also from
U.S. military personnel in Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and Germany.